Producer - songwriter

Recording and mixing engineer | Musician

"celineh", or Celine, is mainly a producer-songwriter who is fluent in writing songs in Mandarin and English. After acquiring a dual degree of Music Production and Engineering and Music Business from Berklee College of Music, Celine hopes to write, produce, and record more songs that people can resonate. It is her biggest dream to see people fall in love and sing along with the songs she has written. Besides producing and writing, she has passion and love for recording and mixing, especially orchestral recording and mixing. She is also a clarinetist as well as a conductor.

Aside from the creative, she is also an experienced artist manager, and A&R from finding suitable artists for clients and her own songs. 

She has received several honorable awards including the Robin Coxe-Yeldham Women in Audio Award, Berklee Music Business Department Achievement Award, Berklee Woodwind  Achievement Award, and the Berklee World Tour Scholarship.

Fun fact: Celine will be attending law school in the fall of 2025 to, hopefully able to, fight for the future of musicians! 

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produced and written by celineh